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A photo of Ryzal Yusoff

Ryzal Yusoff

Kuala Lumpur
I made : A distraction-free web reader with dyslexia support and research tools ➖ Indiemaker ➖ Minimalist ➖ Eat plants 🌱
A photo of Gaddafi Rusli

Gaddafi Rusli

Kuala Lumpur
Product designer who codes for fun. Always busy making things.
A photo of Chee Seng Leong

Chee Seng Leong

Kuala Lumpur
I'm a product designer and a community builder. I am currently designing for a Multi-Cloud Cost Management Platform. Besides my work I also help to create communities around KL like FUG KL and GDG Cloud.
A photo of Esther Koon

Esther Koon

Kuala Lumpur
Product designer by day, dragonologist in the wizarding world by night. Passionate about lots of things including problem solving, growth and collaborating with people.
A photo of Rachel How

Rachel How

Kuala Lumpur
Product Designer at @Fave ✨On a mission to delight billions of lives through great product experiences. 👩🏻‍💻
A photo of Vincent Loh

Vincent Loh

minimalist. coder. pilgrim. creating more value than i capture. \nJavaScript | React | Vue. Software Engineer @ Fave
A photo of Zoe Chew

Zoe Chew

Kuala Lumpur
I build, launch, code and write publicly. 🚀Product builder. Built "I Lazy to Read" app on Product Hunt #1 & Lifehacker. Run product / community for tech co. (US/APAC).
A photo of Jean Wong

Jean Wong

Kuala Lumpur
Graphic designer at day, alcoholic 24/7. In love with all kind of art forms, believed in storytelling as a powerful tool to convey an idea, and visual design is all about telling a good story with the right elements.
A photo of Malcolm Kee

Malcolm Kee

Kuala Lumpur
A software engineer making web applications functional and accessible. I conducted workshops to teach others on React and web development in KL React (which I co-organize) and occasionally corporate in-house training.
A photo of Henry Lim

Henry Lim

Johor Bahru
Henry is a Malaysian Google Developer Expert in Web Technologies. He is currently working as a front-end web developer in Bangkok, Thailand. He loves to learn, experiment and share all the cool stuffs like Chrome DevTools, Progressive Web Apps, Project Fugu (Web Capabilities), Firebase. Creator of Remote for Slides, a Chrome Extension + Progressive Web Apps that turns any device into a remote control for Google Slides.
A photo of Kenny Wang

Kenny Wang

Kuala Lumpur
Designer by day, photographer by night.
A photo of Syakiruddin Yusof

Syakiruddin Yusof

Kuala Lumpur
iOS engineer by trade, web developer, UI/UX enthusiast, amateur photographer, solo traveller and anything else in between.
A photo of Sarah Tan

Sarah Tan

A Visual Designer who loves product design, illustration, AR and experimenting with new things. Prev. Visual Designer at Commonwealth Bank of Australia
A photo of Tracy Wee

Tracy Wee

prev. UI/UX Lead at OpenMinds Resources
A photo of Kimberly Mak

Kimberly Mak

Kuala Lumpur
Currently known as a UX Designer. Better known as that designer with a tote bag. \nABL = Always Be Learning.
A photo of Wan Muhamad Fadzli

Wan Muhamad Fadzli

prev. UI UX Lead at Hong Leong Bank. After study as a Computer Engineer in University Technology Petronas for the last few years, I've made the jump into become self taught UI UX Designer with god permission by using the understanding that i had learn in my entrepreneurship journey as creating my own company . Our team is heavily focused on a collaborative product-oriented design approach that allows us to quickly ideate, prototype, test and validate the work we do with the aim to create a product that really works with better user experience.
A photo of Ajay Gunasekaran

Ajay Gunasekaran

prev. Lead Designer at Tracrive Sdn Bhd
A photo of April Moong

April Moong

prev. Junior UI/UX desginer at Milk Creative Studio Sdn Bhd
A photo of Edison Yap

Edison Yap

Kuala Lumpur
🇲🇾🇸🇪 Software engineer (Elixir, Ruby, Go). Indie hacker. Currently hacking at newsletter with @slickinbox
A photo of Jonathan Lin

Jonathan Lin

Kuala Lumpur
I made and More things to come!
A photo of Guru Prasath

Guru Prasath

Lead Product Designer. Ex-AirAsia | Ex-Tokopedia, Ex-Paytm, Ex-Netbramha
A photo of Lee Boon Xuan

Lee Boon Xuan

prev. Visualizer at Advertising Agency
A photo of Nurul Fadzillah Mohd Yusuf

Nurul Fadzillah Mohd Yusuf

prev. UI UX Designer at Green Packet
A photo of Philip Khor

Philip Khor

I'm a data scientist with a major commercial bank in Malaysia, with experience in applied microeconometrics, machine learning and technical writing.