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Welcome to Malaysian Brew ☕

2 min read • By Rachel How

Hey you, thank you for reading the very first Malaysian Brew issue. 📰

What is the Malaysian Brew?

Save time and stay updated. Get curated bite-size community updates, stories and useful resources, twice a month.

The Problem

Let's face it—We often consume news and stories from western sources. What about the underrepresented creators at Southeast Asia?

We want to amplify the voices of creators from Southeast Asia, celebrate their stories, give them our undivided attention. Because diversity in information consumption matters.

What to expect

Our principle: Consistent value. We're still testing on the format, but Malaysian Brew aims to boost visibility for creators primarily in Malaysia and the rest of Southeast Asia. If you have any suggestions to make it better, let us know.

Let's get to it. 👋

We started the Telegram community on September 28, 2020.

Since then, it grew into a community of now 116 people with mostly Malaysians and several others from Singapore, Maldives and more.

So here's a gist of what's happening:


- Markfolder helps you organise your bookmarked tweets, built by Farez

- Rachel shared about her journey in becoming a self-taught designer on a webinar hosted by Ee Von and Aaron from Sondr. Will share the full webinar soon!

- Customise your iPhone shortcuts with these beautiful Extended Icons by Andy Ngo.

- Cedric launched a membership program for The Commonplace Community. He shared about how he built this here.

- Fajar Siddiq and Ryzal Yusoff will be speaking at JomLaunch Asia, a bootstrapper's conference.

- Morgan Koh built King's Cup, a drinking game app and Squark, a fun currency converter.

- Yi-Hui is building Buttermilk, a community for local artists. She shared about her findings on no-code tools here.

- Donald built Howuku, a tool to maximise conversions for your business.

- Watch Mohamad Fadhil build a simple chat app with GraphQL (in public)!

- Farez launched his first eBook! Read more about his journey. Thanks to the community to help name his first eBook.

- These local sustainable wood products by Harith aka The Green Carpenter are really high quality and beautiful.

- Tharmaraj hosts Cash Kaw, a Malaysian financial education podcast.

- Khairul Nazran is building in the open with his RaspberryPi.

- Siong is building PlusVibes, a mental health app platform.

- Noor Asyikin is working on her own design agency, ByNoorwa.

- Navigate public train in Klang Valley easily with Rapidly by Axel Kee.

- Harith is bootstrapping Insight Tribe, a Q&A platform.

- Congrats to Jethro and Philip from PyData KL for hosting a webinar on Machine Learning in Production!

Recommended reads from the community

- Turn SVG into animation with LottieFiles. Kudos to Nattu, Karin and team!

- MVP, MMP, MUP and MLP - shared by Khairul Nazran

- Passion Economy - shared by Yi-Hui

- Chaos Monkeys (book) - shared by Kai Xuan Chia

- Secrets of Sand Hill Road, a book about VCs - shared by Asyrique


- The community helped brainstorm names for this newsletter. This is how 'Malaysian Brew' came along! Thank you Jason Lee for the winning name.

- We got our very first few Telegram spammers, not a good thing but it's still a milestone!


- Forward School (Penang) is looking for a Full-time Digital Designer. Mainly focusing on producing/designing online content. Contact Jia Ying (jiaying@forwardschool.co) for details.

- Shan is looking for a couple roles for his micro B2C SaaS startup: Backend Software Engineer (Python, Postgres, Rust), Digital Marketer Guru (with finance experience), UX Designer. Remote, 5 to 8 hours of work per week.

- Shan is also looking for Javascript Developer for Shopify Logistics App. Apply here.

... and more in the community! Join in the fun.


Rachel 👩🏻‍💻