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Malaysian Brew - Issue 002 ☕

2 min read • By Rachel How

Good Wednesday!

Hope all is well. CMCO extended but don't let it stop you from creating!

Let's get to it. 👀

We had our very first meetup!


Yup, we did it! 5 Nov 2020 to be exact. Had a fun time during our first meetup. We had 1 hour of ice breaker games and 1 hour of good ol' video chat. Thank you to those who stuck around until 10.30PM on a Thursday.

We really loved the fade-out effect when time's up each round. Not forgetting the food-related games. After all, us Malaysians love our food! 🍚

By popular request, we're gonna do one in Dec 2020. Be on the lookout for an invite soon!

Inspiration: You can now pee in your spacesuit, spill-free


Because we all have a spacesuit. Just kidding.

Speaking of prodigies, check out this talented 9 year old Malaysian boy who won 1st place in the NASA's Lunar Loo Challenge 2020. 🏆

Zyson Kang Zy Shun shared his invention on YouTube. It's called a Spacesuit Lunar Toilet. This cool invention can be used on doctors and nurses too—Perfect for fighting this pandemic. His science coach, Chong Soo Sheong from I Discovery World deserves a pat on the back! 💪🏼

When it comes to success, age is really just a number. It should not be a limiting factor for achieving great things.

Image Source: Youtube. Original news on The Star.

In the community

- Adeline's friend is looking for Freelance web developer on a project basis. Interested? Contact Ting Yee here.

- Farez's eBook, Start Strong, gets a new cover! Designed by Andy Ngo.

- We've hit 126 members in the community. Join in the fun so you don't get FOMO.

- Kok Han is working on a COVID19 Interactive Dashboard. This is really cool!

- Yi Hui just launched her directory platform for local artists, buttermilk. #SapotLokal!

- Nattu built a fun project, Work Without Pants at the beginning of MCO.

- Khairul Nazran shared an interesting read on customer acquisition and engagement on how Morning Brew gained 1 million opens. Insane.

- Fajar shipped his latest project, Laptop with Stickers.

...and more in the community. If you missed last week's issue, you can read it here.

See you in the next issue! Over and out. ❤️

Now go make something,